Difference Between Family And Living Room

Both the living room and the family room are two important areas in a house. Sometimes people get confused and, as a result, the terms become interchangeable. However, the fact is that the living room is far from being the same thing as the family room and there are some remarkable differences between the two.

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The mind-bending graphic, created by ScS, asks the nation to spot the 11 differences between two living rooms. the kitchen is the most important room when moving into a new house, closely followed.

Key Difference: In today’s context, both living room and drawing room refers to a room in a residential house that is used for relaxing, socializing and entertainment of guests.However, the term living room was coined in 19 th century and is regarded as the extension of the term drawing room that came in existence in 16 th century.

Traditionally, a living room is the area of a house where guests are entertained, and a family room is a mutipurpose area, where family members can relax, watch television, do homework, or catch up on work. The living room of a home is generally used less than a family room, which is used daily by many families.

2011-01-06  · Both the living room and the family room are two important areas in a house. Sometimes people get confused and, as a result, the terms become

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